How to Learn Spanish Fast with Spanish Flash Cards

Published: 10th August 2010
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Flash cards are one of the most common methods for learning language. Does this simple method is really effective to teach Spanish fast?

Spanish flash card method is a simple memorization game and also one of the most cost-effective ways to learn a language.

*What is Spanish Flash Cards and how to use them?

In its simplest version Spanish English flash card is typically a business card sized to index card sized paper where English word is written on one side and its Spanish equivalent on the other side. Flashcards come in sets, sometimes up to 1000 cards or more.

Using flashcards is simple. Pick up a card and look at the word or phrase in Spanish, or the first word if there is more than one on the card. Try to remember what it means. If that fails, then guess. Flip the card over and look at the translation. Move on to the next card or the next word on the same card. Repeat the process several times until you can easily recall the word from your memory.

*What exactly to learn with Spanish flash cards

Flash cards are most commonly used for learning vocabulary. However, there will frequently be other information on these card sets such as grammar points, pronunciation clues, alternate meanings, related words, idioms etc. They are also very effective when you don't have time for a more involved study or review session.

*Where to get Spanish Flash Cards

You can buy flashcard sets for less than $10. You can get them at bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Borders Bookstores or at There are also a few online sellers of Spanish English flash card sets and other learning aids like Vis-ed Flashcards at or LangExpress at

You can also find Spanish flash cards on Internet. There are number of sites that offer free Spanish flash cards. However, more comprehensive sets of Spanish flash cards that might also come with integrated audio, are available with paid subscriptions. For example, has the library of free printable flash cards for almost anything.

Another Spanish flash card alternative is to download IPhone applications, like Spanish Audio Flash Cards by Declan Software.

Traditional flash card method is also integrated in some learn Spanish courses, such as Transparent Languages, Berlitz Spanish, Rocket Spanish or Rosetta Stone. Some of these programs allow creating your own flash cards within the software, like Rocket Spanish course. You can add a new word, its translation and corresponding picture and make your own personal set of Spanish English flash cards.

*Making Your Own Flashcards

You can have a nearly endless supply of flashcards, with the words and phrases you most need. You can also put on them whatever extra information is most helpful to you. The simplest method is just to buy sets of index cards. Write the words in Spanish on one side and the translation and whatever other relevant information you want on the other side.

*How flash cards can help to learn Spanish quick

If you are seriously committed, then it is really possible to learn around 30 - 35 Spanish words per day or approximately 200 words or phrases per week. Pick the words that are most useful for you and the ones you can put into practice at once. These can be words you choose from the audio course or favorite song.

Write down verbs, nouns, adjectives, greetings, idioms and proverbs. In this way you will get exactly the information that you know you need and that is most helpful. You can develop the practice to write the word down with the definition of it. In this way you will remember the word easier and faster.

To make the most of flash card technique and to learn Spanish fast, try to put the newly learned words into instant use. Describe your everyday activities in Spanish or at least integrate Spanish words into English sentences. Do it every day and you will be surprised how fast you progress in Spanish.

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